A timeless story of human triumph and self discovery, Good Enough chronicles the life of a young man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his purpose in the world while growing up in the grips of addiction and haunted by a single question “What’s wrong with me?”

GOOD ENOUGH is Ted’s masterpiece and message to bring a new era of storytelling to the entertainment world that inspires transformation in the hearts and minds of humanity and meaning back into the oldest tradition on earth – storytelling.

The show was first conceived of January 2013 when Ted realized a desire to bring his life story to the stage. Ted created the show during his busiest career year ever by working weekly with his director, always after 9 p.m., and by studying solo show performance in London for two weeks.

TED MCGRATH (actor/writer):

Ted is a world class Speaker and Performer. He is the creator of 5 household brands: Message To Millions, Superstar Speaker Training, Shift, Good Enough, and The Association of Celebrities and Transformers.

The GOOD ENOUGH movement is going to spread awareness to the age old question “Am I Good Enough” and will bring the truth once and for all to Humanity, “YES you are.”

Ted has built a 7-figure speaking empire doing exactly what he loves while traveling all over the world.